Proposal of a specific test in tennis: Test of shot speed and precision


  • Manuel Alfonso–Asencio Ministry of Education, Valencian Community, Spain.
  • Marta Hellín-Martínez Faculty of Educational Sciences, Universidad de Murcia, Spain,
  • Javier Sánchez-Alcaraz Martínez Faculty of Sports Sciences, University of Murcia, Spain
  • Ruperto Menayo Faculty of Education, University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain



tennis, performance, speed, precision


Tennis is a sport in which various variables related to performance influence the final result of a match. The speed and precision of the shots are among the most decisive of them. The objective of this study was to develop a test to assess the performance in terms of the speed and the precision of the forehand, backhand and serve of tennis players. The sample consisted of 4 amateur players. The analysis of the data obtained in the test provides the coach with information about the level of performance of the players and their progression.


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Alfonso–Asencio, M., Hellín-Martínez, M., Sánchez-Alcaraz Martínez , J., & Menayo, R. (2020). Proposal of a specific test in tennis: Test of shot speed and precision. ITF Coaching & Sport Science Review, 28(82), 35–38.